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While working for many years as a professional writer of technical, marketing and business-to-business communications, I've also had poems and short fiction published in a number of literary magazines, including Exit, Broadside, Freezer, Creeping Bent, Point Blank and Refrigerator.

My first novel, The Labor of Sleep, is currently making the rounds to various publishers.


The songs featured on represent a sample of my musical output. About the audio files: these are demos. Some of them are in a state I'm not happy with, but in the end I decided not to fuss endlessly for that elusive "perfect" take; instead, I'd just toss the recording out there as one possibility of how the song could sound.

In the meantime, I want to keep at it—writing, recording and performing original music.

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Many a dad will ask, "Writing and music are fine but will they pay the rent?" Many a writer and musician will answer, "Nope." So unless you're independently wealthy, if you want to do things that are unlikely to pay, you also often have to do things you don't want to that will pay. This can be painful but if you endure it long enough you may rack up some memorable tragicomic episodes.

A few examples:

Background Performer
Because of all the TV and movie production happening here, Toronto is often referred to as "Hollywood North." Entertainment is a major industry now, so aspiring actors, artists, musicians and anyone who prefers a casual part-time gig to soul-sapping 9 to 5 servitude can pick up occasional work as a "background performer" (also known as an "extra"). Mainly this involves sitting around for long hours in costume before being called on set for fifteen minutes of film shooting. The costume may be that of a 16th Century Lord wagering on the outcome of a mano-a-mano fight to the death ("Reign") or as a single malt–sipping one percenter schmoozing at an exclusive Executive Club while naked sex slaves bound in red velvet rope await their patrons (me and my ilk) to demand their services ("Incorporated").

Given my appearance these days I tend to be cast as a corporate suit—a banker, lawyer or businessman. My mother would be proud. Like the guy in the commercial used to say, "I'm not a lawyer. But I play a lawyer on TV."

I've been on the show "Suits" about a dozen times now. I typically play one of the many guys walking purposefully across an atrium, clutching briefcase in hand, miming legalese into my cell phone, looking focused and determined (solid proof that I can really act!). No speaking roles yet, but if an A.D. calls on me to speak on camera, I'm ready.

Voiceover work
How so? Because of my past diligence as a volunteer reader for the visually impaired, both at the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) and at WXXI Reachout Radio in Rochester, New York.

In another setting, I provided the narration voice in a series of technical training videos to explain the use of laser ranging technology in remote sensing applications. (You do what you gotta do.)


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